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Bio Sculpture Manicure

 "Developed by the industry leading and award winning company BIO SCULPTURE, EVO Gel Polish is a professional polish backed by 30 years’ gel development experience.

Bio Sculpture manicures focus on and promoting natural nail health. Are vegan friendly, cruelty free, and provides support to nails 3+ weeks chip free wear."


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Our Bio Sculpture manicure begins with prepping your natural nail. As well as cutting, filing, and shaping the nails free edge, we carefully neaten and trim the cuticles. This thorough preparation helps ensure the gel applies and adheres to your nail plate evenly. After your nails are fully prepped, we gently clean your nails and hands using a relaxing massaging technique.


Next, we start the application of the Bio sculpture base coat in a thin layer. We use the Bio Sculpture Evo range for our manicures. A vegan, protein-based formula that focuses on promoting natural nail health. The base coat has excellent self-levelling properties, creating a smooth surface and sculptured form. Depending on the condition of your natural nail we might add a second layer of the base coat. This will protect your nails from further damage, condition the nail plate and help promote nail growth.


Once cured, we apply 2-3 thin coats of EVO by Bio Sculpture colour gel. Curing each layer separately using a professional LED lamp. The range offers a wide selection of highly pigmented colour gels to choose from including seasonal, trending and everyday wear shades.


Following the colour applications, we apply a final high-shine Top-Coat, ensuring nails have a chip-free, glossy finish that lasts up to 3+ weeks. Once cured, any remaining residue is wiped away before a deeply nourishing oil is soothed into the cuticles.


Please note that we do not add length or extensions to the nail in this gel manicure treatment. We also offer a complimentary soak-off if you have had a bio sculpture manicure with us and having a fresh set applied.

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