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Brow Lamination is a non-invasive treatment helping to give a fuller, thicker brow. The treatment is completed by lifting and manipulating the existing brow hairs into a desired shape and direction using a multi-step chemical process.

Brow Lamination can result in either a feathered brushy eyebrow or a sleek, defined look depending on your preference. It is a great treatment to add height, tame hairs and encourage hairs to grow in the same direction.

Professional Brow Lamination treatments are tailored to your specific needs, adjusting practises depending on your brow hair colour, condition, and hair thickness. Practises include different processing times, colour mixes, ratios of chemical solutions and application techniques.

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Transforming flat brows, into fuller, fluffier shaped arches, Brow Lamination treatments start by sculpting the hairs into the desired direction. Lifting and restructuring each hair with a muti-step chemical process. Once complete, the brows are tinted before tidying depending on your individual brow needs. All treatments are finished with nourishing brow gel to help retain brow shape.


To protect the brow hairs, Pristine BrowLashes Professional recommend appointments are spaced 8 weeks apart to ensure brow hair health. Maintenance wax and tint appointment between your brow laminations can keep your brows looking fresh.

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