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With over 9 years’ experience in lash extensions. Pristine BrowLashes Professional offer expert-level services across a variety of lash extension styles. Depending on your chosen treatment one or more synthetic lash is applied to each natural lash. Ranging from Individual lashes to Dramatic 4-5D lashes.


Pristine BrowLashes Professional only uses premium grade synthetic lashes and products from awarding winning supplier London Lash Pro, as well as premium tools from Navy Professional.



Signature Individual Lashes or Single Lash Extensions is the application of one cashmere lash extension to each natural lash, creating a simple make-up free mascara-effect. Although thicker than the lashes used during Russian Volume techniques, the synthetic lashes used for individual lash treatments are premium quality, ultra-soft and extremely natural looking.


Natural Volume or Soft Volume lashes are when two to three super fine extensions are applied to each natural lash. Fanning them out evenly, helps create fullness, gives a darker lash line and a fluffy finish. Due to the delicate nature of the lashes, which are finer than those used for individual lashes, 2-3D extensions remain soft and natural looking.

PBLP - 2-3D Lashes 3.jpg
PBLP - 4-5D Lashes.jpg


Glamourous Russian Volume are created when four to five ultra-fine synthetic lashes are applied carefully to each lash. This is completed with evenly spread fans to create intense volume, fluffiness, and lengthening effects. The results are dramatic and glamorous.


Kim K Volume lashes are a trending style of lash extensions inspired by Kim Kardashian. This Russian Volume lash set is created with a specialised mapping technique. Combining different lengths and fan thickness to create a beautiful dramatic spiky, wispy lash line.

im 1_edited.jpg
PBLP - Wispy hybrid lashes 2.jpg


Wispy American Lashes are Pristine BrowLashesl’s signature style. This style of lashes are like your favourite playlist - varied, unique, and tailored just for you. We use fans or individual lashes of different sizes to create a look that is full yet slightly uneven, just like our natural lashes.

This style is not about perfection, is about volume, size and texture. Some fans are wider, some are more narrow, giving a layered and dimensional appearance. Using a variety of lash lengths, lash thicknesses, lash curls, volume effects and fanning techniques together in one lash set, to create a completely unique set of lashes.

Each set is perfectly created bespoke to your eye shape and bone structure, personal style and lifestyle needs.


Wet Look Volume lashes are created using a special mapping and close fan technique to create soft clusters of ultra-fine lashes.  This Russian Volume technique removes the soft fluffiness seen in other volume sets, resulting in an extra dramatic spiky looking lash line.

wet  lashes.jpg
PBLP hybrid lashes 2.jpg


One very very fine lash extension is applied to one natural lash.


Luxurious fluffy eyelash extensions can completely transform your look on your wedding day.


Brightening your eyes, volume lashes help make your eyes look larger, more awake, and instantly glam up your appearance, perfect for your wedding day and wedding photos. Maintenance-free, Bridal lashes also ensure there will be no running mascara during the ceremony and any emotional speeches.


If you’re planning on getting the lash extensions for your wedding day, proper planning is key to ensuring you’re happy with the results. This may include trialling different looks and booking at a set time to ensure full fluffiness for both wedding day and honeymoon.

PBLP - Lash infills.jpg


Individual and Russian Volume lash infills are recommended within 3 weeks of your initial appointment. Lashes are cleaned and prepped before applying new individual or volume lash fans where your lashes have naturally outgrown or shed to create a refreshed fuller look.


Please note, infills are only available on lashes with at least 50% retention. If there is less than half of the lashes remaining from your original set, you will be notified and charged the rate of a full set.


If you are looking to change your lash styling, want a break from lash extensions, or have had a lash set applied elsewhere and unhappy with the look, we offer professional lash extension removal.


Professional Lash extension removal is the recommended way to remove extensions as well as the safest and healthiest option for your natural lashes.  


Please note that if you book a full set, but still have lashes remaining that have been applied at another salon, you will also need to book a lash extension removal treatment.

Lash extension removal 2.jpg
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