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Pristine BrowLashes Professional have several treatments designed to transform your natural lashes and dramatically open your eyes without the use of extensions.  Providing expert level service, Pristine BrowLashes Professional have chosen treatments that help restore and improve lash health, including the revolutionary InLei Lash filler and Vitamin Lash Botox.

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Inlei Lash filler is a natural lash enhancement that helps to open the eyes.

The revolutionary lash treatment not only lifts and curls but also improves the condition and health of your natural lashes. Working from the inside out, Inlei Lash filler is the first lash lift treatment that is clinically tested to increase the thickness of the natural lashes by 24% in just three treatments.  


Pristine BrowLashes Professional start by assessing the curl tightness to suit you, based on your eye shape and natural lash length. Using a silicone shield which is gently placed on the eyelid. The lashes are brushed up onto the shield and coated in the first Inlei formula. Once the formula has processed, the lashes are gently cleaned, and the process repeated. The treatment is completed over a three-step process which preps, restructures, and replenishes the natural lashes.


Vitamin Lash Botox is a hydrolysed keratin mask for the lashes. Enriched with an influx of vitamins, minerals, oils, and plant extracts, the treatment is recommended alongside lash lifts.

Applied from root to tip, Vitamin Lash Botox nourishes the lashes and helps restore the hair with collagen and keratin protein. Penetrating through the hairs follicles, the mask is designed to repair damage, stimulate growth, and protects against the negative impacts of environment. The result is thicker, longer, and healthier, natural lashes.


Vitamin Lash Botox mask contains: Vitamins A,B, C, E F & K. 2x Pro-Vitamins B5 & B6. 5 x natural oils, Keratin, Collagen, Acid Hyaluronic and Glycerine.

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A Lash Lift is a natural lash enhancement treatment that gives the appearance of longer lashes that can last up to 6 weeks.


Pristine BrowLashes Professional start by assessing your lashes, choosing a lifting an appropriate curling rod which is placed on the eyelid. The lashes are then coated in the lifting solution. This solution safely perms the lashes upwards creating lifted effect. Pristine BrowLashes Professional pair this treatment with a lash tint. Making the lashes appear darker, longer. and more visible.


Lash tints help the lashes look more defined, appear darker, longer, and more visible. Creating a thin mascara-like effect.

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