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Japanese Lashes are a range of semi-permanent lash extension treatments. Depending on your chosen treatment one or more synthetic lash is applied to each natural lash. These synthetic lashes are ultra-lightweight, feature tapered ends and have a feather soft flexible feel. The products used throughout all Japanese eyelash treatments, along with techniques, focus on preserving the health of the natural eyelash.

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Japanese Classic lashes are when one individual semi-permanent lash is applied to each natural lash, creating a natural, wispy look. Using a specialised technique that combines adding ultra-flexible adhesive and unique application. The bond between the natural and synthetic lash is extremely secure. This can result in longer-lasting results than some other techniques. At your initial consultation, Pristine BrowLashes Professional will assess your eye shape and facial structure, along with discussing lash curls, length and thickness to suit you.


Japanese Feather lashes are semi-permanent lashes that are applied in a technique that gently wraps multiple ultra-fine synthetic lashes around the natural lash. The technique used creates an extra secure bond between the natural lash and extensions for beautiful, long lasting, non-damaging results.  The techniques used during the treatment also span the lashes into a soft feathered fan, creating a naturally soft, fluffy fuller look to your existing lashes.

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Japanese Classic and Feather Lash infills are recommended  2-4 weeks after your initial treatment. Starting by cleaning the lashes before gently removing some of the more outgrowing lash extensions. We will then apply new Individual or Japanese Feather Lashes where your lashes have naturally outgrown or shed to create a refreshed fuller look. Please note, Infills are only available on lashes with at least 50% retention.

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