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As highly trained professionals, here at Pristine BrowLashes, we understand something as quick and simple as an eyebrow shape can dramatically improve the look of your eyes, lifting, framing, and opening your whole eye area.

Offering a variety of brow services from HD Brows, Eyebrow Architecture to simple Tints, Henna and Eyebrow Wax treatments.


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Specialising in High-Definition brows (HD Brows) Pristine BrowLashes Professional offers a completely tailored treatment to each client. While following the basic foundations that create the HD brow treatment each treatment provided, from the initial consultation to shaping and styling, will be adapted to your needs.

Carefully working through a seven-step process. Starting with creating brow mapping unique to your face and bone structure. The Pristine BrowLashes Professional HD Brow treatment includes tinting the existing hairs before waxing, tweezing, and shaping them into perfectly arched brows. Designed to effortlessly enhance your face and eyes. The look is then finished with light makeup around the brows to add extra definition.


Eyebrow Architecture includes a professional eyebrow mapping technique that assesses a variety of facial attributes. This brow architecture ensures to provide perfect shaped brows for you. Next a high-quality Brow Henna is applied. The henna, leaves a semi-permanent stain on the skin as well as the colouring the eyebrow hair. This helps to create a highly defined, sculpted eyebrow arch. Hiding any spare areas and giving a fuller more defined brow. You have the option to choose between Tint or Henna. Henna applications lasts longer and provide more pigment than a standard brow tint. Any remaining hairs are removed, leaving a clean set of perfectly arched brows.

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Professional Eyebrow Tinting helps to enhance your natural brows. After a quick assessment, Pristine BrowLashes Professional start by mapping the eyebrow area where the tint will be applied. Mixing a tailor-made colour, based on your hair and skin tone. The eyebrow tint is then carefully applied into the mapped brow structure with expert precision. Once developed, Pristine BrowLashes Professional gently remove the paste, leaving you with longer, darker, and fuller looking brows. Any tint that is placed directly on the skin lasts approximately one week, while the colour placed on the hair will grow out over two to four weeks.


Eyebrow Waxing is a quick treatment that helps reshape your brows by removing multiple hairs from the root. After a quick consultation, to discuss shape. Pristine BrowLashes Professional start by mapping the brow area. Using a premium hot eyebrow wax, that is suitable for sensitive skin types. The wax is carefully applied around the mapped brow. Developed to wrap around even the finest shortest hair, the wax is then quickly removed ensuring your brows are left neat and tidy.

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